Welcome to Oakland – The Nelson County Museum of History

oakland_boxwood_smallOakland is Nelson County’s “museum in the making.” But it is already beginning to tell the history of Nelson County since its founding in 1807. We invite you to explore our website to learn about our vision for developing the site and upcoming events honoring important milestones in the first 200 years of our county’s history.

Oakland House is the cornerstone of our museum. The familiar red brick building south of Lovingston was purchased by the Nelson County Historical Society in 2004 along with its ten acres and outbuildings. Since then we have begun to renovate the house as the first part of a master plan for the property.

In the meantime, we are mounting programs and events that will give you educational and exciting glimpses of our county’s past. On Wednesday, June 27th, we will be offering a multimedia presentation on the changes that electrification brought to Nelson and surrounding areas.

Join us at the Nelson County High School at 7:30 P.M. immediately following the Central Virginia Electric Cooperative’s Membership meeting. And on August 18th we will commemorate the heroic recovery efforts following the Hurricane Camille disaster. Return to this website for more information on this event

The house was built circa 1838 and used as a tavern called Mitchell’s Brick House Tavern. To learn more about the history of the house (click here).

The Oakland house is currently being restored. The contemporary rear addition will be used as offices for the Historical Society and Oakland Museum. The first phase_1_thermometer_smallfloor will be restored as a tavern. Temporary exhibits on the founding of the Central Virginia Rural Electric Co-op will be housed on the second floor, along with photos and oral histories about Hurricane Camille.

The house will be a center of historical activities.The land surrounding the house will be developed into gardens featuring historical plantings, both ornamental and edible. Visitors will be able to enjoy the outdoor setting as well as displays indoors.

Master Plan: a museum in the making

Plans for the future include building an exhibit gallery and featuring structures depicting 20th century rural life. The Master Plan tells you about our visions of the future of this exciting new development in the cultural life of Nelson County. Click here for the Master Plan.

Donate: The Oakland Capital Campaign: Phase One


  • $7000 to pay off the mortgage
  • $120,000 in individual donations towards cost of renovation, restoration, and driveway entrance

Click here to view our fundraising goals and how you can donate. Fundraising and other upcoming events will be posted here from time to time.

The museum is being organized by a Nelson County Board of Trustees, a majority of whom are appointed by the Nelson County Historical Society. We are full of ideas which we want to share with you, and invite your participation in helping us create the museum. For a suggested list of activities, click here. To be added to our newsletter list for notices of upcoming events, just send us your email address.

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